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Top 18 Best Collection Of Urdu poetry | Urdu Sad Poetry | Dukhi Shayari

Top 18 Best Collection Of Urdu poetry | Urdu sad poetry | Dukhi Shayari Top 18 Best collection of Urdu poetry:  Here we have collected some poems for you from different places. By reading this you can reduce your sadness. Or you can copy it and send it to your friend or girlfriend. We hope you enjoy our collections. We offer eighteen poems at your service. Dil Ko Jo Qabil Bana Dia Ehsan Kia hai Ap ny mujh bad naseeb per Dil ko jo dard ky qabil bna dia Hum Kirdar Sy Muhabbat Kerty Hain Jao _____  Jao  yeh  ada  kisi  aur  ko  dikhao Hum Muhabbat hussan sy nahi____ kirdar sy kerty hain Main Teri Hi Zaat Main Hun Ek Tu hai keh jahan bhar sy hai taluq tera Ek main hun jo teri zaat sy bahir na gaya Hamain Khamosh Hi Rehnay Do Hum samunder hain hamain khamosh rehny do zara sa machal gye to tera shehar lay dubain gay Marnay Ki Himmat Agayi Hai Mujh Main Bhool gye ho to bta do mujh ko  Mujh main marny ki himmat agyi hai Dil Say Kheal Gyi Woh Pagli Dushman pass aany sa bhi darty thy Aur woh pag
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