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Robert Frost An American Poet Biography

Robert Frost Birthday

Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California, USA on March 26, 1876. He Belongs to Frost's Family. His father’s name was William Prescott Frost, Jr. He had a mother and a sister in his family.

Robert Frost Death

Robert Frost died in Boston, Massachusetts, the USA on January 29, 1963. He was 88 years old when he died.

  • What is Robert Frost’s writing style?
  • What was Robert Frost known for?
  • What was Robert Frost’s first poem?
  • What was Robert Frost’s education? 
  • What is the main theme of Robert Frost's poetry?
    Where is Frost buried?

Robert Frost Famous Books

In addition, he has received the title of poet laureate. And four times he won the Pulitzer Prize for his notable contents.
“The road not taken”
“Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening”
“After apple-picking”
“The death of the hired man”
“A Boys will”

Robert Frost An American Poet Biography

So friends, today we will share the information about his life with your people. Because even that keeps asking questions.

Robert Frost Life And His Father

Robert Frost’s full name was Robert Lee Frost. He was given the highest priority because he mentioned the most role life within his poetry. And because of the poetry, he wrote. Ordinary life and everyday life on which Robert Frost loved to write.

His father was on a general list. And his name was William Prescott Frost, jr. After the death of his father in 1885, he came to his house with his grandparents and his mother and studied there. There he fell in love with a girl named Elinor White. And both of them were very interested in poetry.

Robert Frost Marriage and Work

When Robert Frost first expressed his love for Elinor White, Elinor White had to complete his education, so he refused. And told him to be patient for a while. Robert Frost would take his poet seriously from his high school. And in 1894 he wrote his first poem, The Independent, “My Butterfly: An Elegy.” Published. In 1895 he married Elinor White. But later life became very difficult for them. I mean, how does life end?
He then started teaching, writing, and farming at the school. Because they didn’t have any acquaintances yet.

Robert Frost Child and College Education

And a few years later they had six children. Two of them died at a young age. In 1897 he resumed his college studies at Harvard University but dropped out in a few days. From 1900 to 1909 he lived with his family in Derry, New Hampshire.

Robert Frost Hardworking

He wrote many poems but he did not find any publisher there who could publish his poems. Robert Frost’s time was wasted until 1911 when he was about forty years old. But so far he has not been able to publish a single book of poems.

Robert Frost’s trip to London and success

In 1911 he decided to save her dairy farm and move to London to make a new start. London where publishers have an appetite for publishing talent. In August 1912, he flew with his family to London. Frost brought with him a pile of his poems, which he wrote but never published. Publishers of the same poems were welcomed in London. The following year, his book of poetry, “A Boy’s Will ” was published.

Robert Frost’s trip back to London

There in London, he befriended many people. Such as Edward Thomas. And in England, he befriended many publishers. And in England, his two grandchildren, The Book of a Boy’s Will, were published in 1913 and 1914 north of Boston. Now in 1915 Warid was running out of leisure. That’s why Frost had to go back to America.

Robert frost bought a foam in New Hampshire

There he republished Boys Will in the United States with the help of an American book publishing company. And bought a foam in New Hampshire. And launched his creature by editing and teaching. Robert Frost has taught at many colleges throughout his life, earning more than forty degrees throughout his life. And in 1924 he received the first Pulitzer Prize for his New Hampshire.

Robert frost Awards And Pulitzer prizes

Friends have received a total of four Pulitzer prizes.

  1. Collected poems 1931.
  2. A Further Range in 1937 and
  3. To launch a witness tree in 1943.
  4. He suffered a stroke in 1938 
when his wife, Elinor White, died Caused by cancer.

He received a Gold Middle from Congress in 1960. A year later, at the age of eighty-one, he wrote and read a poem for John F. Kennedy.

Robert Frost’s last book and his illness

By now his sight had diminished. Because now it could not see the worlds in sunlight. In 1962 Robert Frost will leave the Soviet Union. And died in Boston, Massachusetts, the USA on January 29, 1963. Friends have been poets for a long time in our lives and they have passed away, but they were very different from them. I earned a lot of respect. They are still very much remembered today and it also appears in our article.

Robert Frost An American Poet Biography

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